Charities We Support

J.R. Discos and Events support these 3 charities. every disco we book 10% of your money goes to these charities.


Clic Sargent is a charity who supports young people and their families fighting cancer. Nobody wants to hear they have cancer but with Clic Sargent they try and help ease the journey as much as possible by helping with the financial support as well as day to day support. They offer a free place to stay for the families so they are close to the hospital and if the worse does happen they offer all the support to get families through this heart breaking time.

Alzheimer's Society is a charity who campaigns for change, funds research to find a cure as well as supporting people living with dementia. They help people living with dementia as many people who have the disease struggle to find people to turn to for information and support. They help people living with this disease as they believe that life doesn't end when dementia starts, they will do anything to help people stay connected to their lives and the people that matter the most. 


Macmillan Cancer Support is a charity who provides Physical, Financial and Emotional support to help you live life as fully as you can. Macmillan Nurses help patients and families come to terms with everything as well as support them and guide them through. Macmillan helps you live your life as normal as you can because no one wants to feel like a burden. If the worse does happen the Nurses support the families for as long as they need to help the adjust to whats happened.